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                What Customers Are Saying!

I'm so grateful for my customers and I appreciate how generous they are with sharing how they feel about their one of a kind August1977 Artisan Jewelry!  ~Sandi Coryell, Designer & Maker, August1977 Artisan Jewelry

'The ring is absolutely stunning! My girlfriend is beyond happy and so am I! It is so beautiful and far better than the photos could do for it!' ~ Justus D.

My mom wear her ring EVERY DAY!  She never wears rings every day! 
She emphasizes how comfortable it is

~Justus D

A handmade artisan colorful ring of two tone aquamarine gemstone in handtextured sterling silver and 18k gold.
An incredible high dome one of a kind Pala pink tourmaline gemstone ring in 18k yellow gold and handtextured sterling silver band. Artisan made

"I got my rings today Sandi and they are so gorgeous!!! And super magical, the stones have the most amazing color and depth- thank you so much! And..  the cuff- its really such a nice heavy weight and quality. This is one splurge I am so happy I went through with" ~ Rosa Hu

Artisan ring of saturated green tourmaline gemstone in 18k gold bezel and handcrafted sterling silver band. An artisan made piece of statement jewelry
Artisan handcrafted rutilated quartz in 18k yellow gold set atop a wide handtextured band of sterling silver.
Colorful Hancrafted Artisan Ring

"It’s here! Oh my god, this ring is so absolutely beautiful! I was nervous taking it out of it’s beautiful box, but I fell in love with it as soon as I saw it. What a beautiful stone with a little bit of flash in it. And the band is so comfortable. I am so happy with it and I can’t stop looking at it!" ~ Kristy L.

An artisan made Yellow Topaz gemstone set in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver. A true piece of statement jewelry.

"Sandi is so talented and generous, you will have an heirloom piece-trust me! It (my ring) feels like a piece of sunshine on my hand!"~ Beth Favata

A handcrafted colorful ring in Blue topaz set in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver

Wow! Those are beautiful! Absolutely stunning work! My lady looooveeed the earrings, her birthday was a huge success and seeing the earrings in person was amazing. ~ Justus D.

Finely handcrafted bicolor pink gemstone earrings set in 18k gold and sterling silver
A finely handcrafted colorful ring Artisan made blue tourmaline gemstone ring studded with diamonds and blue sapphires. Set in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver.

'I ended up giving my mom the ring I bought from you. She loved it so much that I took it right off my finger and gave it to her." ~  Kara Mazza

Artisan Made handcrafted colorful ring of red tourmaline set in 18k gold and sterling silver.

"..this ring is just out of this world. It fits perfectly!"  ~ Pia M.

Unique finely handcrafted colorful Black and red tourmaline gemstone statement ring set in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver.

"My mom absolutely loves her earrings!!!! ~ Justus D.

Artisan made, handcrafted watermelon tourmaline earrings set in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver
A handcrafted, artisan made watermelon tourmaline colorful  statement ring set in 18k yellow gold and sterling silver.j

'A beautiful, luxury estate piece...more beautiful in person"~VonMichelle

August1977 Artisan Jewelry Client Loves her ooak pendant!.jpg

'I love absolutely everything about this gorgeous piece'

  'All the work you put into this. You are incredible' (custom pendant)

                ~Leah A.~

'I love it!'

~Leah A~

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